5 Tools to Create an Empowering Vision for your Life in 2021

Create Your Roadmap for the New Year!

Patrick Farrell
6 min readDec 30, 2020

I want you to THRIVE in 2021. I want to help you make all of your dreams come true and help you take control of your life. But to do that we have to bring some awareness to where we are today and define a roadmap forward to our future. So let me ask you a few questions today to get started.

What do you want to bring more of into your life in the new year? What are you going to focus on building?

We are about embark on another new chapter as we leave 2020 behind and enter into a new year. I don’t think anyone could have predicted what was going to happen around March of 2020; we weren’t prepared for what was to come. But we can be prepared for 2021 and have a plan to thrive!

There’s a quote that says “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Well let me ask you, what future do you want to create for yourself in the coming year? What experiences do you want to have? Who do you want to meet? And how do you want to grow?

While there is a lot of circumstances currently still outside of our control, there are still so many more things within our control that we can do to create a better, more financially stable, and more abundant future for ourselves. We can take an online course, we can build a website, we can learn a new still, or we can start a new company.

And it can also start with the small things. Have a new conversation with a stranger at the coffee shop. Reach out to an old friend for a Zoom call, or take a short weekend trip to an Airbnb close by. We often think we have to plan out so much in advance but in reality every little step and small change we make in our life has an impact on who were are, and who we are going to become.

My hope is that this article provides you some inspiration to get started towards recognizing that you create the world that you live in. While yes there are many things outside of our control, we do have control over how we respond to the world, how we show up each day, and how we feel; we just have to learn some simple tools and tricks to create the roadmap for our future.

So how do we create this roadmap? Well I’m going to offer you some tools here to get started.

Trade all of your Expectations for Appreciation

This is an important topic that Tony Robbin’s often talks about. I think everyone had an expectation that 2020 was going to be the best year of their life. We all expected “2020 vision” and to have a magical year.

Well guess what, we still got it. Though maybe not in the way we expected. Many of us grew in ways that would have never been possible if we had continued on the path we were following. We got to slow down, learn more online, connect more with our local communities, and think about things that we never would have otherwise.

So I for one am grateful for this year and I’m grateful for all of the people and experiences that it brought me. If we can appreciate this year for what it was, we can learn to appreciate all thing things that are going to happen moving forward into 2021 too, even though they might not look like something we want at first.

Focus on The Good

Where we put our focus is everything. If we focus on all of the bad things happening in our life, we will get more bad. If we focus on the Good, we will get more good (Check out this song by Akira The Don for more info).

It’s as simple as that. Focus on more of the things that are going well in your life and continue down that path. Leave behind and focus less energy on the things that aren’t going as well. That doesn’t mean to ignore them, it just means to bring more awareness to the good and the bad parts of our lives, and focus our energy in the right place.

Understand Who You Want to Become in 2021

The person you are today isn’t the person that you are going to be at the end of next year. You are going to grow, you are going to expand. You are going to learn new things, meet new people and have new experiences that will change who you are.

So take a moment today to visualize who that person is. What are they feeling at the end of 2021? Are they joyful and grateful of the experiences they had this coming year?

How did they show up each day of the year? And what advice are they giving to you today to take the first step forward towards becoming them?

Create Your Musts for the Year

What MUST you do in 2021? Not what would you “like” to do, but what MUST you do to have a successful year?

Maybe you must buy a new house, or maybe you must find a new relationship. Maybe you must create a new business. If we reframe our “shoulds” to “musts,” then we will learn how to devote more energy to making those things happen in our life.

Prioritize Your Musts, Engineer Your Future

Now that you have your musts, you know what you need to accomplish this year. Well then how are you going to get there? To get there, we have to create a plan. We have to design a plan to bring these experiences and these musts into our life.

Put your MUSTs in order of what you want to accomplish first, second and third. What is the most important thing to get done first that might funnel energy for the other things to happen?

Then break down those musts into tasks and todo lists. What are the components of allowing those things to happen for you.

For instance, if it’s “find a new relationship,” well maybe you need to devote yourself each day to talking to 3 strangers. Or if it’s build a business, maybe you need to spend time talking to potential customers/clients and building your products.

Or if you want to become a speaker, maybe it’s reaching out to 3 people you can be interviewed for their podcasts or run an online event to build awareness. You have control over all of these aspects of your life, we just need to step into our fear and take ACTION.

If we create a plan, or really a blueprint, for our MUSTs, then we are much more likely to succeed. And then once we take ACTION, we begin to believe that it is possible to succeed.

I hope this article was helpful for you to start defining your vision for your new year. If there are any topics you would like to to dive deeper into, please tell me in the comments below! Let me know how I can support you on your journey towards building your dream life in 2021. If you are in search of more clarity towards building your vision, I have a free 3-Day Confusion-to-Clarity workshop you can find here.

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