Do you know what a mastermind is?

It’s possibly one of the best tools available to help you achieve your dreams

Patrick Farrell
2 min readAug 3, 2020

Two years ago I had no idea what a mastermind was and I was even a little bit fearful of the term.

But a mastermind is nothing to be afraid of, it’s actually a beautiful and incredible tool to help you accomplish the goals in your life.

It’s a tool to get a group of people together to share something they are struggling with, and to gain new perspectives from other people on how to solve problems.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” — Albert Einstein

And that’s the thing, we often can’t see or think outside of the box we are currently focused on. Therefore we need new perspectives from other people to help solve some of the issues we are struggling with.

And sometimes those new perspectives also include people and connections. Through several masterminds over the past couple years, not only have I gained new ideas, but I’ve also gained new connections with people that can help me achieve my dreams.

That’s also why I invested so much in myself last year by going to several Tony Robbin’s, Mindvalley and other personal development events. The people, the insights, and the resources I gained from those experiences were invaluable towards what I’m trying to create in my life now.

Masterminds are one of the things I want to bring to the world to help support people in building their freedom life; therefore I’m starting to host my own mastermind events. And for the next couple months I’ll be offering several free ones to get people started.

I have two coming up today, one at 1 PM EDT and one at 8 PM EDT. If you are interested in joining, comment below and I’ll be sure to get you the link. See you on Zoom!



Patrick Farrell

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