Hi, my name is Patrick Farrell. I’m a Lifestyle and Conscious Business Coach.

Patrick Farrell
3 min readMar 13, 2022

For the past 6 years, I’ve been on a journey. A journey to create a new life.

In May of 2016, I quit my corporate job in New York City and took a leap of faith that changed my world forever. In the process, I had to leave everything behind. I left a job with a 6-figure salary, I left my apartment, I left a relationship, and I left a life I had built that on paper seemed pretty great.

Part of me was terrified to make this jump, the feelings of anxiety and fear over these questions:

❓ What if it didn’t work out?

❓ Would I be able to find another job in the future?

❓ Why am I giving up this beautiful life that I have built?

❓ What if I never find another relationship like this?

And so many more things continued going through my mind. But I also had this deep intuitive feeling that if I didn’t try to make this work, I was going to regret it forever.

And I also wanted to embrace that feelings of anxiety and excitement are very close to the same emotion, so I decided to embrace the uncertainty; I decided to be committed to being curious about what was to come and trust that a new world full of possibility would show up for me.

Now fast forward almost exactly 6 years later and I’m sitting here in Tulum writing a blog post, experiencing an entirely different life than when I was living in NYC.

I used to work as a software engineer in Manhattan, but now I’ve stepped into a new role as a Lifestyle and Conscious Business Coach. I just finished my Life Coach certification with Evercoach by Mindvalley and I’m excited to be supporting people in an entirely different way than I have over the past few years.

I believe you are the conscious creator of your life. I help my clients step past limiting beliefs and uncover sub-conscious blocks and habits that are holding them back. People have said to me that I help them believe in themselves and I think that is one of my superpowers as a coach.



Patrick Farrell

Founder and Business Coach for Online Entrepreneurs and Coaches. I help people create more freedom in their life and connect to their purpose.